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Jon McIntyre has been an avid birder for over 17 years.  He has lived in Texas all his life and currently resides in Corpus Christi.  He is involved with Christmas bird counts, the Great Backyard Bird Count, birding surveys, the Rockport hummingbird festival, and has taught a sparrow class in Corpus Christi.  He has also worked four winters aboard the Skimmer whooping crane tour boat out of Fulton, Texas.

He is known in the local birding community for his knowledge and strong birding abilities.  His record of bird species seen in one day is 220 and 355 species in one week.  He has done two Texas big years, ending them with over 500 species both times.  He has done a Nueces county big year as well in which he found 341 species, tying the record.  Jon is also a former student of Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.  Birdwatching and fishing are Jon's two passions.  He has also worked on deep-sea fishing vessels for over 17 years.  His experience in these deep-sea voyages granted him the knowledge and experience to write Home At Last, an article in the ABA's  Winging It newsletter printed in the Vol 18, no. 1 Jan/Feb 2006 issue. 


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